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This is what my Monday through Friday looks like. From solo work to supporting a team player, I created a flexible work environment that allows me to communicate efficiently. I'm always open to exploring new opportunities.
I'm also ♓ Pisces, 👢 Fashion enthusiast, 🍺 Craft hazy IPA lover, 🏃🏼 Runner, 👸🏻 I used to be a model, 👼🏼 INFJ 👿, Pottery beginner 🏺, Hotel key card collector 🃏, and I watched Mad Max: Fury Road +50 times 🏜.

Holistic design process from start to end


Initially, It's all about a deep understanding of the brief and client with empathy and curiosity. Determining the scope of the project, challenges, and knowing competitors and target audiences is the key in this stage.


I explore problems with multiple approaches - from immersive social research to brand audits. This process is to discover the uncover meaningful insights and turn them into action with design.


I define a set of objectives for measurable success. I start to come up with the best ideas, which is sometimes crazy or messy, but! It's the aha moment I can see the light in the messiness and how to approach the problem. The analytics dig into the emotionally driven idea of what customers want.

prototype + design

This is where the magic happens. My mission at this point is connecting the pieces and making various versions to find the proper look and feel to find solutions, make it interesting and connect with users. I establish a design system to ensure uniformity across every touchpoint for moving forward.


I love implementing my designs by developing front-end code. I continuously test responsiveness on multiple browsers and devices, identifying and fixing bugs. Throughout the process, I value ongoing feedback to ensure that the goals are achieved. I embrace constant cycles of iteration in my design approach until I arrive at the best possible solution.


I revise designs according to the feedback and testing results. I usually provide more than three collaborative revisions so the stakeholder can choose from them. Adding subtle motion and interaction are the key elements that help push the experience to a new level.

visual design
user experience
digital marketing
design system
web & mobile design
{figma / invision}
art direction
{illustrator / photoshop}
ux design
{adobe XD / sketch}
social media
motion graphics
{after effects}
front-end coding
{html / css / js}
web banner
capableavailable for freelance project in June 2023