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Dream Queen

  • Visual Design
  • Branding
  • App Design
  • UX / UI Design

The Project

Since 1933, drag has been an art form in San Francisco that continues to thrive in bars, clubs, and theaters. However, with the advent of the tech boom, individuals who do not conform to mainstream norms have either lost their jobs or continue to perform at the cost of lower living standards. Dream Queen is a brand that represents a subculture of the drag scene and supports LGBTQ+ communities by sharing wardrobes and organizing events.

My Role

Dream queen is a case study for my art school. I attended drag events and engaged in conversations with performers as part of my research process. I handle every step of the design process, with a particular focus on research, which allows me to gain a deep understanding of the users. My main emphasis is on developing a sharing system that assists performers in booking and sharing. The system is designed to be simple and clear, meeting the specific needs of the users. As part of this effort, I created a spec app that serves as a social platform to raise awareness and support the success of aspiring Drag Queens. The app helps them promote events, share outfits, and network.
I developed a core idea for the visual story that captures the unique characteristics of the brand. Through constant cycles of iteration, I explored various possibilities until I arrived at the best possible solution. To create an exclusive journey, I chose neon colors and black as the primary colors. Additionally, I incorporated sketched illustrations to evoke a sense of uniqueness and enhance the overall mood.
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Queen's sent you a request! {bungee}

From dresses to heels, and more, our edit of summer esentials has everything you need. {Cera Compact Pro}
In order to resonate with these groups, I conducted research on current trends in San Francisco, the city where the app will be launched. My aim was to bring to life the concept of 'Queens in tech'. To achieve this, I incorporated systematic shapes and futuristic image selections inspired by the drag wardrobe, immersing visitors in a unique and engaging experience.

UI Kit

{Look And Feel}
Creating an integrated user flow in such a way that users are easily able to navigate all different. Both primary and secondary typeface are enhanced readability. The shapes and patterns boosted uniqueness without losing the brand's characteristics.



User flows were tailored to predict users' habits and preferences. The sharing system was divided into wardrobe, performance, and event sections, each with its own level of access.

An important aspect of enhancing usability and improving the customer experience was organizing the site content in a logical and intuitive manner. The end result is a booking arrangement that offers a seamless and coherent user journey, from the initial interaction to the eventual return.

After creating a sitemap, I came to the realization that the central focus is on the meeting experience. The key aspect of this experience lies in the smooth transition from users who share to those who are shared with. To enhance usability, I carefully designed the flow steps to be more user-friendly.


The wireframes were transformed into a visual concept for the app.

It is important to highlight that I have implemented several valuable features, including activities and notifications, that greatly enhance the management and uploading of sharing
Easy And Fast

Creating an integrated user journey that allows users to easily navigate through all the different sections, enabling them to upload content step by step and view various sections across all sectors.

{A Seamless Experience}
Users now have the option to choose different locations based on availability. This enhancement makes the meetup experience more user-friendly by allowing users to easily check nearby areas.