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The Futon Shop

  • Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Front-end Development

The Project

The Futon Shop is a furniture brand based in San Francisco, specializing in creating chemical-free and natural furniture for environmentally conscious customers. Rather than relying on extensive paid advertising, the company prioritizes social marketing across various channels. Their focus is on refining the online retail journey, empowering customers to bring their envisioned beautiful home to life.

My Role

My role at TFS involves art directing and designing digital campaigns based on in-depth analysis, encompassing social media, banner ads, and emails. I focus on crafting distinct brand identities for each channel, employing unique design strategies tailored to target audiences. Ensuring a cohesive look and feel across all touchpoints is a priority while maintaining the strategies.
Conducting user testing and utilizing analytics tools helped me understand user behavior and develop better solutions for future campaigns. I also enhance the user experience by incorporating animations, enabling smooth transitions that continually engage users and visually showcase our products.


The most enjoyable part of my role was collaborating closely with the marketing team, allowing me to refine the E-commerce strategy and transform it into a design experience that not only looks beautiful but also drives customer conversions.

Building a compelling brand story within a single image presented a challenge that I eagerly embraced. I successfully maintained consistent brand guidelines while incorporating vibrant elements that attracted potential customers, leveraging various analytics tools.
The success of the campaigns was measured through performance metrics, with a notable 20% increase in banner engagement.
Email marketing

After conducting thorough research and analyzing previous analytics, our discovery work revealed several promising points that have the potential to attract new customers and significantly increase the clickthrough rate.

{Data-driven Design}
Depending on the purpose of the email promotion, I implemented slightly different strategies. For the focus group of customers, I created concise and visually pleasant emails with a consistent brand identity. Using a warm and sophisticated color palette, I ensured that the email flow remained image-led and always carried an editorial feel, catering to the preferences of our target audience. Conducting numerous user tests allowed us to gain a clear understanding of customer expectations and effectively engage them with the product.

The use of soft, emotional, and high-quality images, along with a fresh layout, allowed the brand to effectively showcase the quality of its products. This resulted in a 30% higher clickthrough rate, a 1 in 5 increase in the returning customer rate, and an approximate 25% increase in the conversion rate.


Blogs influencer reviewUX/UI ✦  data analysis  ✦ coding

Telling A Story Through Influencers

{Injecting Brand Into Story}
I placed strong emphasis on our brand voice, which is rooted in sustainability, inspiration, and authenticity, by leveraging ambassadors and capitalizing on related products.

{Glowing And Glimmering}
Layering with text and images brought that extra level of elegant polish. Furthermore, I incorporated gentle UI motion to ensure a seamless reading experience without any disruption.

As improving conversion was a key priority, I implemented a personalized CMS-like remarketing banner that seamlessly integrated between contents, enabling users to browse products while placing storytelling at the forefront.
Upselling By Using CMS Platforms

{Easy But Efficient}
Recognizing the significance of promotions in the eCommerce experience, we implemented a system of strategic CMS placements designed to capture users' attention while ensuring a seamless shopping flow.

{Reading Without Any Disruption}
We collaborated closely with the sales team to gain valuable insights into customers' purchasing behavior. By understanding the intricacies of the purchase process, we crafted an online experience that is seamless and linear. This included implementing features like recommending products based on past views and suggesting items frequently purchased together.
Differentiate The Purpose Of The Goals

{It' s Not Always The Same}
We sought out various collaborators who embodied the desired lifestyle and values. It was essential for us to select individuals who represented specific interior styles and held attitudes toward sustainable consumption and ethical production. To showcase their unique styles and stories, we conducted an interview series, providing an opportunity to authentically represent our products. The resulting article received a positive response, resonating with our audience.

{Interactive Design}
The use of natural light beige with gradients and delicate thin lines creates a sense of delicacy and invites users to explore. The immersive content flow guides readers through product highlights, ensuring an engaging experience. Through user interactions, I aimed to delight the audience and provide a seamless journey. Additionally, our blogs serve as a platform for sharing captivating and engaging content.

New experienceinformation

Architect The Blogs

I was tasked with redesigning blogs that had high traffic but also a high bounce rate. To address this, I delved into data analysis using analytic tools and discovered that the previous blogs lacked captivating content. The blog includes massive technical information about the materials and their maintenance. To support this content, I developed a hierarchical, data-driven content plan that seamlessly integrated real-life images and icons, enabling the creation of unique and engaging content.

{New Audiences}
The implementation of more content has significantly improved the visibility of our upsell products, while the inclusion of rich content has fostered trust in our brand. Through the use of various visual tricks, we have successfully differentiated our site from competitors and effectively showcased our products. As a result, our pages have become simplified and easy to navigate, leading to an increased conversion rate.

Social promotion

One Way To Connect To Another

We successfully launched advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. During our content strategy meeting with the marketing team, I presented a new hypothesis aimed at prioritizing advertising to new incoming users by leveraging data from various sources. Our objective was to increase incoming traffic and captivate a new range of target customers through a refreshing and captivating approach.

To ensure consistency across our visual identity, we implemented a similar color scheme in specific graphics. This approach was first tested during the brand reveal, where we collaborated with a new art direction. The results were remarkably successful, with a 20% increase in click rate and a 30% higher return on ad spend compared to previous campaigns.