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Case Study
Visual Design
Web Design
Lush is a restaurant concept that delivers interactivity and DIY farming in an upscale setting. Customers harvest their own ingredients that the chef will later use to prepare their meal.

Beyond coming up with the business plan, I also mocked up the website, branding, and marketing materials to help bring this vision to life. The fundamental concept of the restaurant is upscale, family-friendly, and organic. I used dark green, gold, black as primary colors, so customers feel exclusive. I added sketched illustrations that give a mood of sustainability.
Research User Interface Illustration


A better understanding of target customers leads to find a way how they differ in their profile and expectations. I envisioned a sophisticated and unique experience for those willing to learn urban farming and looking for creative culinary.


A Delightful Brand Experience

{User Research}
The three types of users that came to LUSH for support were those interested in 'Do-it-self' farming, those looking for seasonal ingredients, and an overall eco-friendly lifestyle.

{Thought Process}
My design process started with optimizing and organizing these landing pages to include three keywords and the core message.

I created a scalable design system to set the foundation for a coherent shopping experience across the category, products detail, and shopping cart, following its brand style guide for consistent visuals.

Hand-drawn illustrations of the products gave an organic feeling, added visual interest, invited curiosity, and provided artisan storytelling opportunities.
Mobile-first Approach

{Seeking A Solution}
I designed a shopping experience that remained simple and intuitive. The Mobile-first approach ensures a clear customer journey without losing consistency.

{UI Elements}
I supplemented the traditional 'hamburger' menu system. The key buttons, including the shopping cart and call-to-action, are still visible and accessible at all times on a mobile size.

{Sizes Matter}
Adjusting font sizes, photographs, and every element of the design system come together to consolidate a great experience for all media sizes.

About LUSH

Showcasing Our Vision In A Fun Way

The about page could be straight-forward to showcase some information and our mission. In creating the visual design system, Using several illustrations and photography together overall communication tools by giving some artistic and softness to the design language like LUSH envisions.
It is with the blending of booking service and commerce throughout the site. I came up with the idea of the reservation sign on the table. Customers can make a reservation while experiencing its charm and enjoyment on the page.

food menu

The Eexperience Time

The short description of ingredients allows the customer to learn about the nutrition and information.

I created a strong brand environment that should flow seamlessly through the digital menu when they stay in a restaurant. The experience has to be at least as good as it is offline.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was trying to balance between online and offline experiences that were both feature-rich and resilient enough to support customers' needs. Deeply analyzing audiences and the location helped to expand consistent goals across all media, likewise a brick-and-mortar.